Guest Reviews

“It was a great combination of spiritual insights through body, mind, and spirit energy and movement. It helped me to really get out of my mind and back into my body. Thank you all and I’m back next year!”
Marina Slettar
“Healing and Balancing as always. So grateful you are here.”
Mr & Mrs Sheper
“The experience was simply amazing using very rich simple methods to make a turning point in my life, as to be always a tool helping us put ourselves on the right track. I would love to return, to come back to St Francis to experience more and more.”
Cairo, Egypt
“I cannot thank the therapists and the whole team enough for all the love and care I have received. You are doing a grand job of keeping “THE DREAM ” going.”
Mrs Clarkson
Kenton on Sea, South Africa
“It is so wonderful to be back and confirm that the foundation Mrs Cowley built up here is only being continued in as special a way. She is missed but the wisdom and spirit is still here. Thanks to all the wonderful staff. Many thanks to everyone once again. Look forward to the next visit.”
Mrs Cotterell
Johannesburg, South Africa
“I feel fantastic. I enjoyed the friendliness and hospitality very much. Thank you very much and stay blessed.”
Mrs Setshedi
Randburg, South Africa
“The yearly pilgrimage was once again fantastic, restful, peaceful and revitalising.”
Mrs Barenblatt
Cape Town, South Africa
“From the moment I saw the flower on my pillow to welcome me, this visit was so full of surprises, with new improvements, that made my stay a real Holiday!”
N Tietz
Eastern Cape
“This has been a wonderful visit. All aspects of the team working as one and providing the perfect balance! Thank you!”
M Pigott