What’s New?


Equipment upgrades

In 2019 we replaced our Multi Master muscle toner and Longwave lounger.

Room upgrades

The ongoing upgrading all poolside and east side rooms started in 2019. Refurbishment includes the removal of the old baths and replacing them with showers.

WIFI Facility

A new offsite wifi facility was built to provide guests with controlled access to the internet. This facility is seperate from the main building to avoid electromagnetic toxins while in the main building.


Indoor pool upgrade

The entire indoor heated pool room was refurbished.


Garden improvements and upgrades



St Francis Health Centre has a Loyalty Programme

The introduction of a Loyalty Club is to express the Centre’s gratitude for the ongoing patronage of our loyal guests. The high percentage of repeat bookings gave rise to this development and directly benefits those who came year after year. Past guests and those currently booking a stay at the St Francis Health Centre are invited to ask or email the centre for more information.

St Francis Health Centre offering Gift Vouchers

We’d like to remind you that vouchers gifting that very special person in your life are available. You are welcome to purchase vouchers for any of the retreat packages, spa treatments or even contribute money towards a stay at the St Francis Health Centre. Please enquire at the St Francis Health Centre or by email.